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May 24, 2019 Public Report On Rochester Area Family Y

Message from Rochester Family Y Executive Director 

I’m excited to share that the Y has received a grant from the Schulze Family Foundation which allows us to provide 400 Rochester high schooler’s a free summer members through our Get Summer program!

Families who have youth starting grade 9-12th in the fall, can take advantage of these free memberships. 

Registration opens Tuesday May 28th They will go fast so please help us spread the word.  Attached is a flyer to help spread the word as well.

 More information:

 Thank you – appreciate you helping to spread the word!


Virginia Kaczmarek

Executive Director

Rochester YMCA 
709 1ST Avenue
Rochester, MN 55902

(P) 507-215-8487





Get Ready to Get Summer







May 24, 2019 Public Report On Rochester Area Family Y



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