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Transparency, Accountability, Responsiveness and Process-full (TARP) are important attributes to making community progress. This "home-grown" portal aims to build, enable, activate, model (beam) the TARP attributes onto the DMC Project. The information here is extracted from publicly available sources.

DMC Plan Reader

DMC Plan

dmc docDMC Corporation has approved the 2015 DMC Plan and Framework. The official version of the plan can be found on the DMC website.

The plan is a 694 page document which can downloaded as a 100MB PDF file.

To make it easier for online access, we have separated the monolithic PDF file into subject sections. Readers can click on the link to access the topic of interests.

  1. DMC Plan Introduction
  2. Goals
  4. Market Summary and Program Statement (Summary Section 1.4)
  5. Section 2.4 Metrics
  6. DMC Pillars
    1. DMC Plan Draft Section on Health & Wellness (Page 83 - 86)
    2. DMC Plan Draft Section on Commerce & Science & Technology (Page 87)
    3. Retail, Dining and Entertainment
    4. Hotel and Hospitality (Page 101)
    5. DMC Plan Draft Section on Learning Environment
    6. DMC Plan Section on Sports And Recreation
    7. DMC Plan Draft Section on Livable City
  7. DMC Administration
    1. Section 2.0 DMC Capital Investment Plan (Phase 1)
    2. Section 2.3 Implementation Plan - DMC-CIP/Finance Plan (5 Years)
    3. Section 2.4 Metrics, Measurements and On-going reporting
    4. Section 3.0 Applying For and Evaluating Projects/Funding
    5. 3.2 Evaluation Criteria for Projects
    6. 3.3 Policies Consideration
    7. Operations
  8. Transportation Subplan
    1. Transportation Introduction
    2. Transportation Authority Proposal
  9. DMC Places
    1. DMC Key Places
    2. DMC Heart of the City
    3. Discovery Square
    4. UMR and Recreation
    5. DMC Central Station
    6. DMC Waterfront
    7. St Marys Place
  10. DMC Sustainability
  11. April 2015 DMCC Resolution - Adopting the Development Plan
  12. Appendix
    1. Reader Introduction
    2. DMC EDA 2016 Workplan
    3. DMC Development Guide
  13. DMC Dashboard

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Official DMC Plan which frames the vision and execution of the public spending on the project.

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DMC Reports

Official DMC status statements or positions that the public may hold accountable toward the execution of the publicly funded portion of the DMC plan.

September 2015 DMC Board Status

2016 EDA Budget

September 22, 2015 DMC EDA: Read more

August 27, 2015 DMC Board Meeting

August status includes:

DMC Agency Reports:

DMC August 2015 Status Report and Meeting Material

PB headline: DMC EDA cuts budget to $3.9M for 2016 ...

"Since the July meeting, the EDA board has polished its work plan, a document that details specific actions and objectives the agency will pursue. Fine tuning the work plan was a key step in refining the budget request, said Jeff Bolton, EDA Board chairman.

"Our objective is to attempt to really understand what it is you're trying to accomplish with these dollars. We want to make these dollars be as accountable and deliver as much return on the investment as we can,"  Jim Campbell (DMCC Board member) said.

What does DMC mean for Rochester's visitors?

"We don't have a competitive market analysis for visitors," Bill George, DMCC board member,  former Medtronic Corp. chairman and CEO, said Thursday.

August 26, 2015 DMC EDA/PB: Read more

July 30, 2015 DMC Board Meeting

July 30, 2015  DMCC Meeting Material:

Status report

Agenda and backup info

July 30, 2015 DMC EDA: Read more

EDA Status Report 2015-06-01

Eight Points Plan from Lisa Clark:

1. Creating a formal process for developers to approach and work with both DMC and the City of Rochester. 
2. Development of a formal monthly report for the DMC Corporation Board of Directors and the public.
3. A new Transportation Working Group held its first meeting bring all affected parties together. 
4. Website redesign is underway in two areas: more user-friendly, and developing a portal for investors and developers to get the information they need from anywhere in the world.
5. Community Engagement: “Partnerships are critical, Clarke said. 
6. Airport Engagement
7. Workforce Development: Elevating opportunities and satisfaction for employees across several industries throughout Rochester.

June 03, 2015 DMC Blog: Read more

DMCC's 6 Focus Items

The 6 Areas of concern identified by Tina Smith (May 4, 2015 PB Editorial print version) are:

  1. Social service and health impacts of the community
  2. A desire for energy and sustainability
  3. Making sure the process is inclusive (eg. reaching out to women- and minority-owned businesses)
  4. Addressing changing transportation needs
  5. Preserve historic elements of the city
  6. Meeting affordable housing needs

May 06, 2015 Post Bulletin: Read more

Misc Community Status

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Rochester Clinic and Lotus Health Foundation Community Health Events (February 19, 2018)

Two nationally well-known lifestyle medicine physician and pioneers, Dr. Neal Barnard and Dr. Hans Diehl along with other physicians will present several topics in Rochester.

Read more ...

Riverfront project gets first nod per Post Bulleting Report (February 18, 2018)

"Early plans for a $180 million construction project along the Zumbro River received some enthusiastic support from Rochester's Planning and Zoning Commission Wednesday night." 

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2018 Discipline Data Update - Information (February 17, 2018)

At the 2/6/2018 School Board Meeting the following was presented as a comparison of office referrals from first semester 2016-2017 and first semester 2017-2018 examining District, building, and student data.  Building Principals will also discuss behavior- related supports provided in their respective buildings.

Read more ...

2018 County Board Goals (January 30, 2018)

At the Jan. CNG Meeting, Heidi Welsh presented the following 2018 Goals

Read more ... Projects Status (January 28, 2018)

We are forming and expanding a team to help area non-profits to better utilize their IT infrastructure.

Read more ...

Cradle to Career 2018 Launch Feb 22, 2018 Meeting (January 17, 2018)

Cradle to Career Planning Team looks forward to sharing this work with you on February 22. They invite you to join us to see the research and recommendations that have been developed during 2017. Coffee will be served.

Read more ...

Winona State Rochester: Business, Leadership, and Education (January 12, 2018)

Winona State University – Rochester (WSU-R) and the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Business, Leadership, and Education Open House Jan. 18, 2018

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Public Comments

Public comments that voice educated positions on the status of DMC.

Good intention should be backed up by good process

I am aware that the various anchor initiatives in Rochester have similar goals and that the organizations/teams driving these initiatives have great intention to collaborate.  I am also familiar with the difficulty of teaming and collaboration. That's why alignment of goals, indicators, strategies and measurements is highly valued in best-practices such as Lean 6 Sigma.  While leaders of the various organizations and projects have publicly declared their commitment and intentions to collaborate and to align goals, efforts and measurements. 

Beyond the rhetoric, where is the "beef"?

October 04, 2015 Read more

Follow the DMC Information Technology Budget Money

If I were a few years younger and had more ambition to prove there is money to be made in IT solutions: cloud computing, big data, knowledge management. And if I had the bandwidth in selling and marketing products and services, I would look into the DMC IT infrastructure's scalability and reach. 

I would pay close attention to the 2016 DMC EDA budget lines to do with IT, which is casually referred to as server and maintenance contract, website design. The fact is there is a general set of community enablement IT needs that require more thorough review and applying concepts such as data integration, real time aggregation, business process enablement.

September 23, 2015 Read more

Paul Wilson: Why there is a need for the HRA levy


Our community has long recognized the need for safe, decent, affordable housing options. Olmsted County's housing market is working well for renters and home buyers with higher incomes, but there is a crisis of need for people with moderate or limited incomes who are seeking affordable rental or for-sale housing.

August 08, 2015 Post Bulletin: Read more

A curious of way to report progress and status -- how much of the 2.8 million has been spent?

In the July 2015 DMCC Board meeting, the project manager in me at first was glad to see a succinct template being used to report progress to the DMCC Board and the public. 

Then I looked at the report template a little closer and noticed its rather unusual way of reporting project progress.

Rather than reporting on milestones, deliverables and schedule in the form of project management 101's  work breakdown structure, it shows progress in terms of how much money is being spent on each of the major tasks--as if spending money is equivalent to progress made and objectives met. 


August 03, 2015 dmcBEAM: Read more

Construction site diversity needs watchdogs

"People are watching," said community advocate Jackie Johnson last week during a meeting with local lawmakers. Hosted by the newly renamed Council on Minnesotans of African Heritage, the conversation shifted from equality in grant funding and housing to employment opportunities.

"We haven't seen minorities out there working," Johnson said while discussing the issue at the city-county Government Center, which seems nearly surrounded by construction as Olmsted County courthouse and Mayo Civic Center renovations continue.

July 27, 2015 Post Bulletin: Read more

More indications that a systems approch to acheive growth is required

We all know that within Rochester, DMC is a real big deal. And one of its components is to build out the Education District of UMR. The recent article on PB showing a troubling trend of enrollment decline is another reminder there is fragility in one component within the system. In dealing with fragility, you can either let the component itself solve its problem, in this case, have UMR on its own address some of the issues such as student recruitment pool expanding to larger scope.  Or, have a systems approach of mobilizing the DMC-global market reach vision to have a bigger impact on the attractiveness of UMR.  

July 11, 2015 dmcBEAM: Read more

Can social agencies keep pace with DMC growth?

"The social services discussion of this expansion is still in the 'early stages.' That is unacceptable. It needs to be considered now....We have to protect against this indifference," Olmsted County District Judge Kevin Lund said.

June 18, 2015 Post Bulletin: Read more

Al Depman: Affordable housing czar can address growing need

Our czar/advocate can keep the public abreast of the progress of the DMC, EDA, J2G and Rochester's future comprehensive plan, while monitoring private development initiatives via city council and county board decisions. Findings can be reported to us via the Post-Bulletin and other local media on a regular basis.

June 16, 2015 Post Bulletin: Read more

DMC administrative costs need to be revisited to lessen burden on taxpayers


... in the May 23 Post-Bulletin that Destination Medical Center administrative costs are projected to be "about $21 million over the next five years" with Mayo expected to chip in $585,000 per year toward those costs. It is shocking that the administrative costs will be $4.2 million each year. This amount of administration seems enormous.

June 01, 2015 Post Bulletin: Read more

DMC Related Projects
Project Phase Definitions

The following defines the various project phases:

  1. Available - a product, program or service is in production
  2. Develop - program or application is being developed
  3. Plan - idea is solid, stakeholders are identified, and there is strong commitment to go forward from all parties.
  4. Concept Phase - idea scoped out with enough details to give an early sizing and/or to build a proof of concept
  5. Pre-concept Phase - an early idea or a requirement.

The following projects are deemed to be under considerations for funding assistance from DMC:


Conley Maass Build Out on Discovery Square

  • Hunter and Traci Downs: Building owners Hunter and Traci Downs is renovating the 115-year-old downtown Rochester building to help inspire economic activity and preserve local history. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the building is slated to eventually be home to Area 10 Labs, Brandhoot, a business incubator, a "maker space" and a future restaurant.

DMC Dashboard

  • DMC EDA: 1. To be able to best track, present and communicate the progress of the DMC initiative 2. Monitor broader social and economic conditions of the district.

Destination Medical Center (DMC) Plan

  • DMCC and DMC Agency: Intended to bring to Rochester, Olmsted County and Minnesota private investment in excess of $5.6 billion: • Seeks to create at least 35,000 new jobs in Minnesota and bring tax revenue in excess of $7 billion to the State • Intended to give prospective employees,patients and visitors substantial reason to consider Rochester their ‘destination’.

First Avenue Flats

  • Joseph Development: $4.9M - Central Station: A downtown development that has garnered favor with city officials for providing affordable housing is on track to win the city's approval. The Rochester Planning and Zoning Commission on Wednesday reviewed a final development plan for the Flats on First, a 68-unit apartment building formerly referred to as The Downtowner. The commission previously had recommended denial of the development's preliminary plat, but the city council gave approval based on the city's desperate need for affordable housing in light of Destination Medical Center plans.

Mayo Civic Expansion

  • City of Rochester, MN: $35 Million funding for expanding the Mayo Civic Center

Saint Marys Place Design Process with citizen's participation

  • DMC EDA: Because of fallout form Saint Marys Place Holiday Inn project, a better project management process was deemed neccessary.


Development Phase

Flats on Fourth (Ovation/Stencil-Buckeye)

  • Stencil Group: 92 unit multi-family complex in Rochester, MN. The developer and builder at Stencil Group plans to build a six-story apartment complex with retail on the main level and underground parking for residents.

Place Maker | DMC Urban Prototyping

  • DMC EDA: DMC has been working with Rochester Downtown Alliance and Rochester Art Center on a new program concept for Rochester called PlaceMaker|Rochester Prototyping Festival. Prototyping is a business strategy used in other industries and is now being applied to city development. This is a year-long initiative that began in January and will conclude with a final report and analysis in December, punctuated by numerous public events and activities, the most visible of which is the Sept 15-17 public display of project installations held in conjunction with Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation’s Transform Conference.

Planning 2 Succeed: Rochester 2040 Comprehensive Plan

  • Rochester Olmsted County Area Planning : Rochester is a growing community and that growth is anticipated to continue. Growth and change presents both opportunities and challenges. Long-range planning is needed to position the City to address its long-term needs; to be resilient; to support changing demographics; and to address housing demand, multi-modal transportation needs, growth in jobs and visitors, and more; while working with finite resources. Rochester’s long-range planning effort, referred to as “Planning to Succeed” or P2S, will update the City’s Comprehensive Plan.

Saint Marys Hospital Projects

  • Mayo Clinic: Mayo Clinic plans to invest $217 million over five years to renovate and expand its St. Marys Campus, the Rochester-based medical system announced on Thursday.

Triton Hilton Hotel (Broadway at Center)

  • Titan Development & Investments, of Rochester, and Harbor Bay Real Estate Advisors, of Chicago: The Hilton project is at South Broadway Avenue and East Center Street, and it proposes a 19-floor building with 264 hotel rooms. That includes a ground floor with 7,000 feet of restaurant space, a second floor with 15,000 feet of retail space, and conference and ballroom areas on the third and fourth floors. A fifth floor contains a pool, sun deck and fitness area. The project does not include 33 residential apartments on three additional floors that had been part of the Broadway at Center plans.


Plan Phase

Alatus Development (Saint Marys Place: Housing and Commercial Development)

  • Alatus, LLC: A more than $100 million housing and commercial development is proposed for a high-profile corner of Second Street Southwest, next to Mayo Clinic's Saint Marys campus. The plans call for a 13-story building with two levels of underground parking to be built on more than two acres at the southwest corner of 14th Avenue Southwest and Second Street. The Brentwood on 2nd and the Ray-Mar Motel stand on that corner. The hotels, along with some nearby houses, will be demolished to clear the way for the project. The Brentwood also houses several businesses, including City Market, Charlie's Eatery & Pub, A Shared Smile and the Healing Touch Spa.

Castle Community Proposal for Rochester Armory Building

  • Castlecommunity : A Truly Unique Community Space Imagine a bustling, rejuvenated community gathering space in our downtown, where artists can afford to work, learn, and grow their craft. Imagine a place where the community can explore, meet, and expand. Imagine a creative environment where young, old, rich, poor, artsy, and fartsy can escape, dream, and celebrate together. Imagine a Creative Castle Community.

DMC Discovery Square Design Process

  • DMC EDA: DMC’s Discovery Square, which will include the current Minnesota BioBusiness Center, is anticipated to be one of the largest drivers for job growth as it positions Rochester to attract medical innovators and researchers with the ultimate goal of commercializing new medical discovery and businesses throughout the city and the state. A feasibility study of the proposed biobusiness hub Discovery Square is expected in February of 2016, according to Economic Development Agency Director and Mayo Clinic Chief Administrative Officer Jeff Bolton. The study, which is being funded by Mayo Clinic, will evaluate the extent to which Mayo Clinic and DMC might attract investment and entrepreneurs to Rochester, in addition to potential developer revenue streams and other types of industries that might be interested. “We’re hoping this serves as a hotbed of innovation that pushes us toward new modes of development,” Bolton said.

DMC Transportation Infrastructure Management

  • SRF Consulting: While there are several different plans being proposed, there is a need to interconnect all those piece parts to integrate them into the transportation framework of the DMC transportation vision.

DMC Transportation: Parking

  • Kimley-Horn: Study total parking requirements and solutions within the DMC area.

Mayo Biolab at Building 1 Discovery Square

  • Mayo Clinic: Discovery Square is the economic engine for DMC. It represents the future of biomedicine, research, and technology innovation and is anticipated to be one of the largest drivers of job growth in Rochester,” says Lisa Clarke, executive director of the DMC Economic Development Agency. Mayo's Biolob will be one of the anchor occupants of the @Building1@DSQ.

Mortenson Phase 1

  • Mortenson: The building (Building1@DSQ) aims to serve as a catalyst for Discovery Square, a 16-block area on the south end of downtown that Mayo and local officials want to develop as a life science research campus. Representatives from Mortenson announced today to members of the Destination Medical Center Corporation (DMCC) Board of Directors the specific location where construction will take place on its hallmark Discovery Square project. The planned 60,000+ square foot, state-of-the-art research and development complex, currently being designed by RSP Architects and HOK, will be built at the corner of 4th Street SW and 2nd Avenue SW, according to Mortenson representative Jeremy Jacobs.

Residence at Discovery Square (Third Ave Lofts Residence at Discovery Square)

  • The Urban Studio: Early tentative plans were presented to Rochester's Committee on Urban Design and Environment in January by the Vinar's architect, Teresa McCormack. McCormack, the owner of The Urban Studio in Rochester, described the complex with an estimated 150 market-rate apartments plus mixed-use commercial space.

Sustainable Energy Grant on Tap from McKnight Foundation

  • DMC EDA: The McKnight Foundation is offering a grant for DMC to study and develop a “groundbreaking” sustainable energy program and policies for the DMC District and Rochester, as a whole.

Urban on First (Titan-OPUS) Development

  • Titan Invesment and OPUS Group: Discovery Square 238K Square Foot 6 story commercial and residental complex(9,000 square feet allocated for retail)


Concept Phase

Bloom Rochester River Front Project

  • Bloom: The proposal, still in its conceptual phase, would activate the riverfront with restaurants, public green space and expanded access to the water. Plans also call for an indoor winter garden, ice rink and a waterwall for children to play in.

Chateau Theater

  • City of Rochester/Chateau Theater Re-use Task Force : City of Rochester is looking into various options for the preservation of Chateau Theater. This has been approved as a DMC Project. The historic theater was constructed in 1927 and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980.

Education, Health and Recreation Space (DMC UMR/Rec sub-district)

  • TBD: This sub-district incorporates UMR's Master Plan and the northern edge of Soldier's Field as an anchoring element to the DMC Development District and strategies for growth. This sub-district integrates and urban college campus and recreational uses into the district, thereby creating another catalyst for the growth of retail, entertainment and residential uses in the downtown. It is anticipated that UMR will have its first building built in this area before the end of the first phase of the DMC implementation process.

Heart of the City Public Space

  • City of Rochester/RSP Architects: Destination Medical Center Corporation (DMCC), in collaboration with the City of Rochester, Minnesota (City), is pleased to issue this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Public Space design services for the public spaces associated with the Heart of the City Sub-District of the Destination Medical Center development plan. DMCC and the City are collaborating on the redevelopment of Rochester pursuant to the vision and principles of the Destination Medical Center development plan. Within this plan is a sub-district referred to as Heart of the City. Heart of the City is a 9-block area of downtown Rochester bounded by Center Street to the north, 3rd Street to the South, Broadway to the East and 2nd Ave to the West. Heart of the City is home to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic and its Cesar Peli- designed Gonda Building, the recently renovated Peace Plaza, numerous hotels, shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues. The purpose of this RFQ is to outline the nature of the design challenge and to solicit qualifications from interested public space design firms/teams.

Rochester Public Library Expansion

  • Rochester Public Library: Plans are in motion for Rochester Public Library to begin a study of a two-floor addition to the downtown location, a renovation that would nearly double the facility in size, and cost an estimated $47 million to $55 million.




Downtown Rochester Access Management Authority per DMC Transportation Improvement plan draft

  • TBD: To create a thriving environment for business and community by building partnerships, delivering targeted transportation programs, and fostering economic vitality.

Heart of the City North (Days Inn Replacement)

  • Hammes Company: The owner of the Days Inn property in downtown Rochester is working with Wisconsin-based Hammes Company on a proposal to demolish the existing structure and replace it with a 16-story, mixed-use development.

Saint Marys Place: Holiday Inn Project

  • Brutger Equities: Brutger Equities' plans for a $63 million hotel project across Second Street from Saint Marys Hospital was a big deal. An array of forces came together to challenge the developer, the city's planning and zoning process, the Destination Medical Center bureaucracy, and eventually the City Council's competency, and developer Larry Brutger decided he'd had enough.TBD