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University of Minnesota, Rochester Master Plan

Beam Project Type: Planning     Project in Plan Phase


UMR campus expansion to accomodate about 1,500 students initially.

Detailed Description

2014 September UMR Plan PDF File




Design Principles 1 - 4


Open Space Framework


Pedestrian Framework


Bicycle Framework 


Transit Framework


Vehicle Access and Parking




UMR-1 Program


Appendix - Scenarios


UMR Master Plan (Septermber, 2014): Hot Links: PDF File Link




2009 Verison 

2009 UMR Master Plan

Future UMR campus changing downtown neighborhood

PB Article - September 11, 2014

Post Bulletin Article - April 26, 2014


Strategies (Principles)

  1. Leverage public-private partnerships to build capital projects, deliver educational programs, and create research opportunities
  2. Establish a front door opening from downtown Rochester into the education district and a gateway from the education district to soldiers field park.
  3. Maintain transparent and active ground floor uses
  4. Maintain a connected and pedestrian-friendly district throughout
  5. Create a strong architectural identity along Broadway and 6th street
  6. Encourage walking, cycling, transit use, and other alternatives to private vehicles
  7. Hold all capital projects to UM's B3 sustainability guidelines



Level 1: Economic Development ; Education ; Recreation & Open Space

Level 2: Higher-Education ; Recreation & Open Space

DMC: Learning Environment ; UMR and Recreation

Community Health:


  1. Expand UM Educational Programs in the Health Sciences
  2. Enhance Partnerships in Research Built on the Strengths and Interests of the Mayo Clinic, IBM and the University of Minnesota System
  3. Offer Innovative and Cost-Effective Approaches to Education and Research Establish UMR as a progressive, entrepreneurial leader in the University of Minnesota system
  4. Contribute to Economic Growth 


Indicators (What are some of the signs that progress is being made?)

  1. A near-term enrollment goal of 1,500 students in Rochester and an ultimate enrollment of 5,000 students.
  2. At the municipal level, UMR will catalyze both direct and indirect job creation and capital investment. By locating the campus downtown, UMR will invigorate demand for goods and services in the city’s core. The attractiveness of the campus will stimulate demand for non-university growth in the downtown, curbing the recent history of sprawling growth.

Highlight Activities

Convene and establish a formal Private Public Partnership

Harmonizing with DMC Plan's Education and Recreation District Concept


Status Reports Related PlanScape Status on: Economic Development, Education, Recreation & Open Space

October 01, 2017 TBD: University of Minnesota, Rochester Master Plan

PB reports "The University of Minnesota Rochester is taking another step toward its future goal of building a 10-acre college campus at the edge of downtown."

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August 08, 2018: Riverfront project gets first nod per Post Bulletin Report

"Early plans for a $180 million construction project along the Zumbro River received some enthusiastic support from Rochester's Planning and Zoning Commission Wednesday night." 

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July 30, 2018: Closing referral disparities (resolution agreement with Office of Civil Rights)

July 18, 2018 Commissioner Lindsey of the MN Department of Human Rights Forum with Rochester Community.

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June 29, 2018: Triton Hilton Hotel (Broadway at Center)

June status same as March Status except completion date is now set for 1/31/2019.

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June 19, 2018: 2018 RPS Discipline Data Update - Information

At the 6/19/2018 school board meeting, the following discipline data was presented.

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June 01, 2018: Rochester Area Family Y 2018 Summer Program

The YMCA has 250 free summer memberships to give to teens in need this year. 

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May 27, 2018: Three DMC Proposals

Three projects looking for TIF: Hotel Indigo, Hyatt House Hotel and Wells Fargo Bank Building Renovation

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May 24, 2018: Host Families for UMR Global Connections Community

  UMR is looking for Culture Host Families to build a Global Connections Community.

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May 17, 2018: Southeast Minnesota Workforce Development Board Strategic Planning Meeting

openBeam's information on structure and Southeast Minnesota Workforce Development Board Strategic Planning Meeting
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April 08, 2018: 2018 Community Focus Team Meetings

March Community Focus Team (CFT) meeting notes.

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March 19, 2018: Help the Y Build a Better Us!

2018 Rochester Area Family Y "Build a Better Us" fundraising campaign. 

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February 22, 2018: Cradle to Career 2018 Launch Feb 22, 2018 Meeting

At the February 22 meeting, the following information was shared. 

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