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A curious of way to report progress and status -- how much of the 2.8 million has been spent?


Figure 1: EDA's Progress Report Based on Spending

In the July 2015 DMCC Board meeting, the project manager in me at first was glad to see a succinct template being used to report progress to the DMCC Board and the public. 

Then I looked at the report template a little closer and noticed its rather unusual way of reporting project progress.

Rather than reporting on milestones, deliverables and schedule in the form of project management 101's  work breakdown structure, it shows (Fig. 1) progress in terms of how much money is being spent on each of the major tasks--as if spending money is equivalent to progress made and objectives met.

When does how fast money is being spent becomes equivalent to progress made and objectives met?

I hope that this template will change to really show performance results.

The following (Fig 2) is a sample project plan that I would have liked to see being developed:


Figure 2: An example of a typical project Work Break Down Structure:



The report will show tasks to be performed, expected duration, linkages to each other if any and their deliverables.

Since many people and groups have expressed the need for DMC to consider health and social impacts of DMC investments, an important deliverable to be shown should be an updated DMC project evaluation process that includes informing and gathering feedback and agreement from the affected groups. The current evaluation process as approved by DMCC does not have that step.

Another deliverable should be an explanation of how DMC's 6 objectives (affordable housing is one of the six) as declared by Tina Smith can be accomplished in a systematic way when DMC EDA's primary focus next 5 years is to on Discovery Place and Heart of the City. 

















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Date: 2015-08-03

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