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More indications that a systems approch to acheive growth is required


We all know that within Rochester, DMC is a real big deal. And one of its components is to build out the Education District of UMR. The recent article on PB showing a troubling trend of enrollment decline is another reminder there is fragility in one component within the system. In dealing with fragility, you can either let the component itself solve its problem, in this case, have UMR on its own address some of the issues such as student recruitment pool expanding to larger scope.  Or, have a systems approach of mobilizing the DMC-global market reach vision to have a bigger impact on the attractiveness of UMR. 


As the PB article points out, while UMR always has the strategy of going to a national model: 

"We always knew that we would have to go to a national model," Hesley said. "We always knew that was what we needed to do to become the institution we wanted to be. Now, we know we need to start reaching out to that broader model."

The question is what kind of assistance and leveraging from DMC has occurred. Regardless of what system is or is not in place, now it's time to ensure that the large scale effect of DMC flows systematically to all components within the DMC framework. DMCC cannot just continue to be a passive body to let ideas come forward for it to approve or disapprove. It has to be in the driver seat to coordinate, to navigate, sell and promote all the components that make up the DMC framework.

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Date: 2015-07-11

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